Every brand has a story. With lively content and combinations of creativities, we bring brands to life.
We understand the importance of first impressions and how they influence your customers’ decision to buy. To succeed in today’s crowded marketplace, you need to build an authority brand that stands out & gets noticed. Today’s audience interacts with your business in different ways at different times. When visitors see your website or marketing materials for the first time, it only takes them 7 seconds to form a strong first impression (right or wrong) of who you are & what it would be like to work with you. These snap decisions about your business based on surface-level & superficial factors happen instantly & automatically and are often based on the look, feel and sound of your website or marketing materials.

Create Brands that Felt Alive

Currently, Brand Tailor hope to constantly revive this dream with visionaries who help our partners reach the heights of their goals through our expertise. We also believe that problems are a matter of perspective and can be overpowered with a progress oriented and solution focused frame of mind. Our ideas comprise of creatives; diverse creativity thinking who shine to spark ideas and draw lines to form a perfect fitting brand. Each one of our tailored draft is determined to reflect your visions, propose solid solutions and help you visualize a promising direction to your future.

Brand Tailor

Corporate Identity Designs
We use our killer design and branding skills to create or refresh an attractive Corporate Identity and Branding strategy that will give your customers and prospects a lasting, good impression. We begin by deeply delving into what makes your business different. We analyze your company history, staff, customers, target audience, competitors, challenges and opportunities. Logos, slogans, and colours are all part of the corporate identity design packages that match the way your company sees itself and what it is projecting.

Creatives Multimedia Designs
The Brand Tailor blending creativity, digital and data to develop campaigns that help brands better engage with consumers. We’re a full- service graphic design studio & packaging design agency specializing in objective driven graphic design across web, print & digital. When strategy meets design & marketing with graphic design services that make a great first impression & get remembered.


The Brand Tailor create a voice for your business & product with great branding.



Art material from name card, packaging design to brochure.



Videos, website built up, animation, mascot drawing & 3D drawing.



Brand activation, roadshow, outdoor events, annual dinner & etc..


Annual Marketing for ATL & BTL
Our brand marketing promotes your products or services in a way that highlights your overall brand. The goal of brand marketing is to link brand identity, values, and personality with communications to the correct target audience. Essentially, we will ensure your brand is the bridge between your product and your customer. Brand marketing is not just about putting your logo and business name as many places as possible and expecting to generate sales. Many times, the importance of brand marketing gets overlooked, as it takes time. We are focused on than nurturing long-term goals that impact the entire business rather than short-term goals, like building a brand.
Digital Marketing
We help brands develop an experiential digital strategy. With more extensive research and a thorough analysis of your brand and its audience, we begin developing the ideal digital experience for customers. We work closely with our creators and tech specialists to create the best strategy for your business during this phase. Then, everything goes live with the client's approval and we see almost immediate results. The effect of the digital strategy on many levels is significant, leaving our clients more than pleased with our services. Brand Tailor offers ongoing advice and assistance across the contract and beyond. We believe in forming solid, meaningful relationships with our clients, which go a long way.

Extra Miles With Us
You will not only receive an FA (final artwork) for printing, but we will also ensure that the file prepared meets all factory expectations. You will not be charged an "editing fee" by your printer.
We always get updated & mastered the latest rules & regulation of social media platform.
We tailor made your artwork and post captions in upmost creative way and achieve the best result in advertising.
We adapt to your timeline and advice you many ways of getting it completed smoothly.
We do not have the habit to keep or confiscated your raw files, no hidden charges.
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