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There may have been a change in the times, but our love for creativity and problem-solving has not.

The Brand Tailor is a creative agency that produces some of the most iconic work in the industry. As a big ideas agency that specializes in connecting people with brands, we can help you reshape the way that brands envision, create, and deliver customer experiences.
The company prides itself on being the first in Johor to offer branding services that range from brand strategy, research, and design, to activation and marketing. Since 2012, we have assisted clients in developing their business through creative branding and designs. The Brand Tailor is a leader in providing all kinds of relevant services along the Brand Journey. As we believe multimedia graphic design is just a tool for borderless creativity, as seen in our web designs, leaflets, packaging designs, brochures, etc., and is the main element of branding.
It is without a doubt that foundations contribute to the creation of a promising future through comprehensive branding. A comprehensive branding strategy helps visualize a promising direction for all advertising and promotion materials.

Ensure clients get the smoothest and worthy branding journey with Brand Tailor without having wrong decision made that would incur unnecessary monetary losses & time wasted. We want to Educate branding knowledge and its value of needs to our clients. Let them know how a good branding can increase their business value & assets. There is no dream that is too big, no brand that is too small.
  • We Take Your Ideas A Step Further.
  • We Craft Stories That Speak Volumes About Your Brand.
  • We Integrate Interactivity and Communications.
  • We Use Latest Technologies to Increase Engagement.
  • We Take Fun To The Next Level During Your Events.
Our mission is to walk the talk besides visualizing the finest outcome from the combination of client’s needs and our expertise & also to provide measurable results. Brand Tailor advise many businesses not to take the shortcut when it comes to building a strong base for brand. This entails getting clarity by us on your brand values and what the brand stands for, as well as researching the market position.
  • The development of your brand seiously & full with research.
  • Now is the time to figure out the core of your brand-your brand foundation.
  • It’s time to do your brand design, building a voice and brand strategy planning.
  • All these hard works of Brand Tailor are the elements of our client's brand.
  • Establish brand only people will recognize & remember.

The Brand Tailor - The fundamental of ideas and core concept behind all ‘corporate image’.
The fundamental idea and core concept behind having a ‘corporate image’ is everything that a company does, owns and produces should reflect the values and aims of the business as a whole. The consistency of Brand Tailor with it's core idea that makes up the client company, driving it, showing what it stands for, what it believes in and why they exist. It is not purely some colours, typefaces, a logo or a slogan. We called it the BIG IDEAS OF BRANDING. - Keol Gan -

Every brand has a story. With lively content and combinations of creativities, we bring brands to life.
Brand Tailor upholds all procedures and branding principles tightly that are a strong necessity to establish an effective brand campaign. This is our long and strong suit, we aim to materialize your inspiring brand story through meticulous research and positioning.

“Create Brands that Felt Alive". Currently, Brand Tailor hope to constantly revive this dream with visionaries who help our partners reach the heights of their goals through our expertise.”
We also believe that problems are a matter of perspective and can be overpowered with a progress oriented and solution focused frame of mind. Our ideas comprise of creatives; diverse creativity thinking who shine to spark ideas and draw lines to form a perfect fitting brand. Each one of our tailored draft is determined to reflect your visions, propose solid solutions and help you visualize a promising direction to your future.

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What & Why Branding on Brand Tailor Stand Point...

One major component of a brand is logo. A logo, being the “face” of a business is what people recognize as an identity of your business, not your product or services. A logo with good branding direction can mediate the vision & mission of your business directly with just one simple identity. With good branding, you can easily develop your product and services without running off track. This includes all the point of sale materials (POSM) needed when doing your business development. Also, the value of your business asset will be an uncountable growth along the branding journey.
Brand Tailor is driven by creativity content-first to ensure we fulfill our key mission of helping our clients find their successful future. Get in touch so that we can kick start your branding campaign today.
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